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Our Living School is currently closed.

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. –John Dewey

It’s time for a revolutionary leap in education.  Instead of educating kids as if knowledge is static and their development is fixed, why not embrace the organic nature of life? We need to educate children in such a way that engages, challenges, and respects their individual minds. When children are allowed to explore, manipulate, and ask questions about the world around them, they are fulfilling their “ontological vocation,” or their job to become more fully human.

If we attempt to move education forward but we focus only on the students, then we will be as successful as training a one-winged bird to fly.  In order for education to be truly revolutionary, the teacher accepts herself as a student of life as well.  Then in a dynamic, inquiry-based educational environment, the teacher and the students come together and root themselves in their love of learning and passion for living.  Welcome to Our Living School. 

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