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Our Living School

Our Living School is a democratic, place-based, and constructivist
approach to education. 

At Our Living School, children learn the intricacies of working within a community, value of environmental stewardship, and the power of their own mind. 

About Kelly Everfree

Kelly Everfree is the director and teacher at Our Living School. Kelly is herself a lifelong learner and activist.   Having developed a keen interest in abstract mathematics and quantum theory while at the University of Oregon, she later developed a passion for developmental psychology, affective neuroscience (specifically neurocognitive development in social and emotional learning), and education. 

She completed her B.A. in Human Development and Family Studies at Prescott College and her M.A. in Education and Community Leadership at Goddard College.  Currently, understanding the neurocognitive connections between learning (particularly the Vygotskian approach) and emotional development and how this combination affects conflict management and resiliency is her latest endeavor.

Working to create peace through non-violent training, Kelly has worked with children and teens of varied economic and cultural backgrounds for over 15 years.  She has taught, directed, and developed curriculum for early childhood settings, developed a number of literacy programs, facilitated teen peer groups, led parent and family support groups, and developed a parenting program called Peace through Parenting.

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